Clamore Solar

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Clamore Solar offers alternative energy solutions for home and industrial use, based on Solar Technologies that include mini solar power plants, Solar Pumps, Solar refrigerators , Solar Street Lights, Solar Water Heaters, Solar Home & Office hybrid power Systems .

Clamore Solar also undertakes Energy Audits, leading to energy management & conservation solutions. We also undertake targeted product development as well as repairs & maintenance of installed power systems.

Clamore Solar offers a wide range of services and products to suit any alternative energy solutions as well as power management requirements. We offer both pre-designed kits as well as tailor made solutions to suit, but not limited to the following:

– Solar water Pumping / Irrigation
– Solar Geysers
– Solar Dryers
– Domestic and Commercial Solar power plants
– Building Integrated Solar Photovoltaic systems
– Ground and roof top solar power solutions for mini grid and solar farms
– Energy Monitoring, evaluation and management
– System design
– Hybrid Mains backup power solutions
– and more…….

We serve any area that requires energy, and cover the entire Southern Africa. Our major strength is our attention to detail and care for our individual client’s needs.