Clamore Solar offers a variety of solar water pumping solutions allbased on solar power. We offer a range of DC pumps from ¼ to 1 & ½ Horse power and for Solar AC pumps we get as high as 100Hp.


Our latest range of Solar AC drives allows our clients to make use of multiple sources of power that include Solar as number one grid (mains power) as number 2 and a generator as number 3. The Mvura-Solar Aspire range offers automatic transfer to any of these sources in the single phase range with a manual override required for the larger units.

In our Mvura-Solar DC range we boast a range of pumps that can deliver between 1500 litres per day to over 90,000 litres per day via direct DC driven pumps.

For maximum benefit we advise coupling your solar powered pump to an appropriate water reservoir able to hold up to 5 days worth of water that can be used at night and on cloudy days.

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