Victron Power Kits


Victron Energy is the leading power backup manufacturer in Europe and offers the entire range of programmable, sophisticated and highly reliable UPS pure sine wave professional Solar and Grid Inverter Charger units (12/24/48V), AGM, GEL, OPzV & OPzS true deep cycle batteries, solar components and remote monitoring equipment also ideal for all Telecom operators. Victron UPS inverter charger units come in range from 800 Watt up to 10 KVA per unit and are extendable up to 100 KVA in single and three phase configurations

This equipment is of the highest quality in the industry and generates the highest quality output of all the inverters we offer. This equipment offers advanced system management and monitoring coupled with high quality components to give you the highest efficiencies possible, while running your most demanding equipment and appliances.

The battery’s offered in this  range are imported advanced GEL battery’s and have a design life of up to 10 years at low usage and approximately 5 years at high use. The inverters and solar regulators offer a wide range of charging capacity’s over the entire range. Also available in this range are 3 phase systems capable of running elevators, pumps, mining equipment etc.

Equipment warranty’s are 5 years (terms apply) with the exception of battery at 12 months warranty.

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