SunPumps PCA-30M Controller


This micro-processor based DC power converter is designed to interface between the SunPump and solar panels or a wind generator.



All PC series controllers include a pump speed control circuit, a remote switch circuit, a sensor-less low-water cut-off circuit, an electronic circuit breaker, and indicator lights. SunPumps PCA 30 controller uses the same controller board with all the same features as the PCA 30-M1 controller. The only difference is the box is constructed of UV stabilized Super Tuff Delrin instead of aluminum and the current rating is reduced from 8 amps to 6 amps.

The Linear Current Booster in the PCA will boost the current of the solar panels while maximizing their voltage. It will also control the speed of the pump, shut it off if the water is too low and protect the power source. A float switch can also be hooked up through the PCA to stop the pump when a tank is full or empty. This controller will work with the SDS-D and the SDS-Q SunPump.