4.5Kw Musiso Hospital Jerera, Masvingo

Location: Musiso Hospital,  Masvingo, Zimbabwe Client: SolidarMed Solar Arrays: 4.5Kw Inverter Power: 8Kw – EneSure systems installed in two locations at the hospital Battery Bank: 225ah at 48Vdc – (Exide Solar) Operational Parameters: Also installed for  SolidarMed’s This is our first mission to Musiso hospital for them. We installed these systems totlaling 4.5Kw to bring reliable power to the administration block as well […]

6.5Kw Silveira Mission Hospital Masvingo

Location: Silveira Mission Hospital,  Masvingo, Zimbabwe Client: SolidarMed Solar Arrays: 6.5Kw Inverter Power: 8Kw – EneSure systems installed in two locations at the mission hospital Battery Bank: 200ah at 48Vdc – (Exide Solar) Operational Parameters: In SolidarMed’s continued mission and commitment to bring better health facilities to Africa, we installed these systems to bring cleaner consistent power to the administration block as […]

Solar Water Heating – 200 litre pressure units

Product: Solar Water Heater Location: Harare, Zimbabwe Installation Date: February 2017 Client: Property Developer Equipment Installed: 200 Litre Pressure Solar Geysers Operational Parameters: Our client decided to install these geysers on their properties to aid in the availability of hot water while making significant savings on grid (ZESA) power costs. The units are each 200 litres and operate under pressure. All […]

1Kw – Shammah Children’s Home

Location: Harare, Zimbabwe Installation Date: February 2017 Client: Faith Ministries – Borrowdale Community Church Equipment Installed: 2.7kw inverter, 1kw solar array & 4,320Kwh battery bank Operational Parameters: Clamore Solar in partnership with The Borrowdale Community Church installed this 1Kw  power system at Shammah children’s home in Waterfalls Harare. They system has been designed to allow for further upgrading in the future. […]

3.5Kw Residential Solar Power

Location: Harare, Zimbabwe Installation Date: January 2017 Client: Private Client Equipment Installed: 4.2kw inverter & 3.5kw solar array Operational Parameters: Clamore Solar installed a 3.5Kw Solar array coupled to a 96volts DC charge controller. the solar generator charges a 400 amp hour that is occasionally topped up by a grid feed. Our client intends to expand the system over the […]

1kw Hybrid Solar Power

Location: Darwendale, Zimbabwe Installation Date: October 2016 Client: Private Client Equipment Installed: 4kw inverter & 1kw solar array Operational Parameters: Clamore Solar installed a 4kw Hybrid inverter and 200Ah battery bank at 48vdc, charged by a 1kw solar array. Client intends to expand the system to 3kw solar array and 800Ah battery bank in the near future. The system currently powers […]

30 watt Truck Stop Solar Area lights – Chirundu

Location: Chirundu Installation Date: 12 October 2016 Client: Chirundu Local Board Equipment Installed: 3 x 30watt solar powered area lights Operational Parameters: Chirundu Local Board commissioned Clamore Solar to begin the installation of area lights to eventually cover the entire truck stop at the Chirundu boarder post.

0.5Kw Temporary Power Kit – Siyakobvu

Location: Siyakobvu – Binga Installation Date: 13 October 2016 Client: Danish Red Cross / Danish Red Cross Youth Solar Array: 0.5Kw via a standard PWM 40amp Charge Controller Inverter Power: 1100va 12 volt Su-Kam Sinewave Battery Bank: 400Ah Narada Operational Parameters: This system was installed to provide power on a temporary basis providing power for two laptops, a few lights and most […]

3Kw Residential Upgrade – Harare

Location: Borrowdale Brooke – Harare Installation Date: 19 September 2016 Client: Private Client Solar Array: 3Kw via a Victron 150/85 MPPT Charge Controller Inverter Power: 4 Kva OASIS 448 MLT Inverters SA Battery Bank: 300Ah Trojan Operational Parameters: This system was installed with a very sturdy OASIS 448 MLT inveter system and Victron Battery monitor. We upgraded the system to accommodate a […]

44Kw Arlington Estates Solar Water Pumping

Location: Arlington Estates Harare Client: Arlington Estates Developer Solar Array: 43,7Kw (total for two stations) Inverter Power: 24.20 Kw (combination of 11 x 2.2kw, 3 phase units) Battery Bank: No Battery bank Operational Parameters: A combination of 9 x 3hp 3 phase borehole pumps and 2 x 3hp, 3 phase booster pumps will deliver water from the boreholes into 2 x 460 […]