3Kw Off-Grid Systems

Location: Borrowdale Brooke, Harare, Zimbabwe Client: Private Residence Solar Power: 3Kw per system Inverter & power: 5Kva Voltronic-EneSure Hybrid based system Battery Bank: 400Ah AGM Narada battery bank Operational Parameters: Powered by a 5Kva Hybrid system, this home runs all the fridges, freezers, occasional washing machine, booster pump and when required during daytime, the 1Hp borehole pump. The system, using our selective […]

2.8Kw Off-Grid Systems

Location: Harare, Zimbabwe Client: Private Residence Solar Power: 2.8Kw per system Inverter  power: 5Kva Voltronic-EneSure Hybrid based systems Battery Bank: 400Ah EXIDE SOLTRON Gel battery bank Operational Parameters: This system includes frame less solar panels mounted using a specialised framing system for these elegant solar panels. The battery bank consists of a bank of 200Ah […]

1.6Kva Mains power backup system

Location: Harare, Zimbabwe Client: Tenant in the Brooke, Harare Solar Power: NIL Battery Bank: 100Ah AGM sealed. Operational Parameters: The client asked for a simple able to power the TV and lights only, but able to deliver at least 8 hours of this service. The system is solar ready and only awaiting the clients approval to get the solar panels installed. […]

500 watt Chicken Coup Lighting

Location: Mashonaland, Zimbabwe Client: Small Scale Farmer Solar Power: 0.2Kw DC System Battery Bank: 100Ah EXIDE Flooded Operational Parameters: This is a very Basic DC lighting system that keeps the coup lit all night. The system powers 6 internal lights and 4 external security lights all night. The system incorporates a DC power timer switch to control the internal lights. This […]

3Kw Off-Grid Hospital Systems

Location: Masvingo Province, Zimbabwe Client: Donor Funded Solar Power: 3Kw per system Inverter & power: 5Kva Voltronic-EneSure Hybrid based systems Battery Bank: 300Ah EXIDE Flooded per system Operational Parameters: These 3Kw system where commissioned by a donor to provide power at 3 hospitals in the Masvingo province. The system are installed in labs, training centres and administration blocks. The donor is looking […]

45 watt Solar Powered Street/Area Lights

Location: Bulawayo, Zimbabwe Client: Scottish Donors (AtoZ) Solar Power: 200 watts per pole Individual light power: 15 watts per light Battery Bank: 200ah at 12vdc – Narada AGM Operational Parameters: These lights are designed to cover a circular area of approximately square metres each. They each stand around 5.5 metres above ground. We have designed this light so as to allow the […]

8.25Kw Solar Mains Power – Office Block

Location: Harare, Zimbabwe Client: Local NGO Solar Array: 8.25Kw Inverter: 2 x 5Kva Voltronic-EneSure Hybrid HV (80amp MPPT) Parallel operation Battery Bank: 800ah at 48vdc – Narada AGM Operational Parameters: The system is wired to power an alternative circuit of plug points in all the offices as well as all the lights at the complex. Each plug point is limited to 200 […]

2Kw Hybrid Solar mains power

Location: Harare, Zimbabwe Client: Borrowdale Private Residence Solar Array: 2Kw All black panels Inverter: 5Kva Voltronic-EneSure Hybrid Battery Bank: 200ah at 48vdc – Narada AGM Operational Parameters: This house was built with alternative power in mind. The homes wiring was divided between ZESA and Solar power as they built. This made the installation quick and cost effective as it reduced the need […]

3.2Kw Hybrid Solar Power – Residential

Location: Harare, Zimbabwe Client: Private Residence Solar Array: 3.2Kw Inverter: 5Kva Voltronic-EneSure Hybrid HV (80amp MPPT) Battery Bank: 500ah at 48vdc – Narada AGM Operational Parameters: This 3.2Kw power system has been designed to run the entire house based on low energy appliances and lighting. . . .  . .everything LED. The house has 3 solar geysers and a gas cooking unit. […]

3Kw Solar Mains Residential Power

Location: Harare, Zimbabwe Client: Private Residence Solar Array: 3Kw Inverter: 5Kva Voltronic-EneSure Hybrid Battery Bank: 225ah at 48vdc – Exide Solar flooded Operational Parameters: The system installed is 3kw, providing power for general and critical services in the home that include the main fridge and freezer main booster water pump, borehole, electric gate, wifi, 2 TV’s, microwave oven, kettle along with all […]