2.2Kw Solar AC powered Borehole pump upgrade

Location: Hatclife, Harare Zimbabwe Client: Hatclife Gardens co-operative Solar Array: 2.6Kw Pumpin Inverter Power: 2.2Kw Single phase AC – 3Hp Installed Pump: 1.5Hp borehole Terrier pump Operational Parameters: The clients, a gardening co-operative had the pump installed several years ago by an international NGO, until it failed. We then installed a Terrier submersible pump and a PVInergy solar water pumping inverter to […]

2Kw Solar Power mains (off-grid)

Location: Shamva, Zimbabwe Client: Diaspora Resdient Client Solar Array: 2Kw Inverter Power: 2.4Kw Hybrid EneSure Battery Bank: 200Ah AGM at 48vdc Operational Parameters: Our Client based in the UK commissioned us to install a 2Kw off-grid system at his home in Shamva. The system powers the entire homes lighting and entertainment including a fridge/freezer and during daytime they use to pump water […]

3Kw Solar Power mains (off-grid)

Location: Mabelreign, Zimbabwe Client: Diaspora Resident Client Solar Array: 3Kw Inverter Power: 4Kw Hybrid EneSure Battery Bank: 400Ah AGM at 48vdc Operational Parameters: Our Client based in the USA is building a home in a new area in Mabelreign in Harare. The area does not have power as yet, and he thus requested an off-grid system able to power his basic home […]

LP Gas Installation in Glaudina Harare

Location: Glaudina, Harare,  Zimbabwe Client: Mr & Mrs Chinhengo Cylinder Size: 48kg Operational Parameters: We installed this 48Kg gas cylinder at our clients home on Glaudina Harare. We installed copper feed piping into the kitchen to supply a stand-alone LP Gas stove. The house also have a 150 litre solar geyser and a 1.4Kw inverter system supply power to […]

0.5Kw Rural Installation – Chivhu

Location: Chivhu,  Zimbabwe Client: Diaspora client to His Mother Solar Array: 0.5Kw Inverter Power: 1Kw Battery Bank: 200ah at 12Vdc – Sealed Vison gel battery Operational Parameters: Our client based in the UK requested that we install a simple but efficient system to cater for his mother’s requirements, which are light and entertainment only. Clamore Solar technicians ran new lines to […]

2Kw Chapoto School Solar Mains Primary off-grid Power

Location: Kanyemba, Mashonaland North,  Zimbabwe Client: Chapoto School Solar Array: 2Kw Inverter Power: 1.5Kw Battery Bank: 400ah at 24Vdc – Chloride Tubular Operational Parameters: This system was installed some years back and had failed, our task was to re-activate the system for limited use while the client considered there upgrade options which will include a 4Kw inverter and additional 2kw of […]

150 watt Solar Powered Electric Fence

Location: Bumi Hills, Zambezi, Zimbabwe Client: Zimbabwe Red Cross Solar Array: 150 watts Inverter Power: Direct Current System (12vdc) Battery Bank: 150ah at 12Vdc – Exide Solar – flooded Operational Parameters: We were commissioned by our client to provide a solar powered electric fence to close in the area that holds the weather station at Bumi Hills. This will reduce the risk […]

4.5Kw – 3Hp Solar/AC Solar Water Pump.

Location: Chiwenga Clinic, Zimbabwe Client: Zimbabwe Red Cross Solar Array: 4.5Kw Pumipn Inverter Power: 2.2Kw – SETEC 3phase- 3Hp Battery Bank: Direct run Operational Parameters: Our Client required a solar pump to deliver 40,000 litres of water per day from 30 metres depth and over 3,000 metres of pipework. The pump supplies water to a school and clinic along its 3km pipe. […]

0.8Kw Solar Mains Backup Power

Location: Greystone Park, Harare,  Zimbabwe Client: Private Client Solar Array: 0.5Kw Inverter Power: 0.8Kw – EneSure Battery Bank: 400ah at 12Vdc – Visions Gel Operational Parameters: This Hybrid system has been installed to provide backup power for all lights and entertainment in the home. The Client requested an installation that could be moved within a few hours to another location.  

4Kw Solar Mains Primary off-grid Power

Location: Arlington Estates, Harare,  Zimbabwe Client: Private Client Solar Array: 1Kw Inverter Power: 4Kw – EneSure Battery Bank: 150ah at 48Vdc – Exide Solar – flooded Operational Parameters: This system has been sized to power part of the house that is still under construction. The system, will eventual boast a 3kw solar array. The client would like to grow the array […]