0.5Kw Rural Installation – Chivhu

Location: Chivhu,  Zimbabwe

Client: Diaspora client to His Mother

Solar Array: 0.5Kw

Inverter Power: 1Kw

Battery Bank: 200ah at 12Vdc – Sealed Vison gel battery

Operational Parameters: Our client based in the UK requested that we install a simple but efficient system to cater for his mother’s requirements, which are light and entertainment only. Clamore Solar technicians ran new lines to supply power the main house and the external kitchen and toilets.

The system is power by a Vision 200ah battery and a 500 watt solar array. Our technicians had the pleasure of being in the presence of a very very happy grandma, grateful to have light in the rural areas, she remarked. “Harare yauya ku  Chuvhu” (Harare has come to rural Chivhu) Truly a most pleasurable installation.