2.8Kw Off-Grid Systems

Location: Harare, Zimbabwe

Client: Private Residence

Solar Power: 2.8Kw per system

Inverter  power: 5Kva Voltronic-EneSure Hybrid based systems

Battery Bank: 400Ah EXIDE SOLTRON Gel battery bank

Operational Parameters:

This system includes frame less solar panels mounted using a specialised framing system for these elegant solar panels.
The battery bank consists of a bank of 200Ah (each) Exide Soltron gel batterys. Together with the 2.8kw array the system powers the entire home needs via a Clamore Solar 5Kva EneSure hybrid inverter.

The client is working on adding another 2.2Kw array to bring the total available generation power to 5Kw, then we will add the 1/2Hp borehole to the systems load.

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