3.2Kw Hybrid Solar Power – Residential

Location: Harare, Zimbabwe

Client: Private Residence

Solar Array: 3.2Kw

Inverter: 5Kva Voltronic-EneSure Hybrid HV (80amp MPPT)

Battery Bank: 500ah at 48vdc – Narada AGM

Operational Parameters: This 3.2Kw power system has been designed to run the entire house based on low energy appliances and lighting. . . .  . .everything LED. The house has 3 solar geysers and a gas cooking unit.

The home owner has an option to run their washing machine during daytime as a non-critical appliance. Along with electric gate and 3 x electric garage doors.

With a 500Ah battery bank, the system is capable of 2 days of autonomy with an optional automatic generator function available.

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