3Kw Off-Grid Systems

Location: Borrowdale Brooke, Harare, Zimbabwe

Client: Private Residence

Solar Power: 3Kw per system

Inverter & power: 5Kva Voltronic-EneSure Hybrid based system

Battery Bank: 400Ah AGM Narada battery bank

Operational Parameters: Powered by a 5Kva Hybrid system, this home runs all the fridges, freezers, occasional washing machine, booster pump and when required during daytime, the 1Hp borehole pump.

The system, using our selective (manual) loading switches, allows the client to decide what power source to use at any given time. They can choose to use grid power, generator or solar power.

The system is connected to an unpredictable grid supply, whose parameters can change beyond reasonable values, and for this we installed an AVS30 surge protector set to operate between 200VAC and 260VAC maximum.

The systems array at 3Kw is 1Kw below the total capability of Clamore Solar’s Voltronic EneSure hybrid inverter system. The client is looking to add more solar panels to bring it to the maximum later this year.

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