3Kw Solar Mains Residential Power

Location: Harare, Zimbabwe

Client: Private Residence

Solar Array: 3Kw

Inverter: 5Kva Voltronic-EneSure Hybrid

Battery Bank: 225ah at 48vdc – Exide Solar flooded

Operational Parameters: The system installed is 3kw, providing power for general and critical services in the home that include the main fridge and freezer main booster water pump, borehole, electric gate, wifi, 2 TV’s, microwave oven, kettle along with all the lights in the home.

The home owner has an option to run their washing machine during daytime as a non-critical appliance.

The system uses our entry level Exide Solar battery bank offering a great dollar/amp value in this setup. The client will upgrade the systems battery bank to our Chloride THF range, targeting 900Ah at 48vdc by years end.

Our Client has also installed a 200 litre solar water heater, to reduce the homes electricity bill to virtually 18% of the original cost before the installation.

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