44Kw Arlington Estates Solar Water Pumping

Location: Arlington Estates Harare

Client: Arlington Estates Developer

Solar Array: 43,7Kw (total for two stations)

Inverter Power: 24.20 Kw (combination of 11 x 2.2kw, 3 phase units)

Battery Bank: No Battery bank

Operational Parameters: A combination of 9 x 3hp 3 phase borehole pumps and 2 x 3hp, 3 phase booster pumps will deliver water from the boreholes into 2 x 460 cubic metre reservoirs and onward to the residents of Arlington Estate. Residents will store water in personal 5,000 litre tanks allowing the pumps to stop operating at night, translating long term into an unhindered water delivery system. The project is still ongoing…..