6.5Kw Silveira Mission Hospital Masvingo

Location: Silveira Mission Hospital,  Masvingo, Zimbabwe

Client: SolidarMed

Solar Arrays: 6.5Kw

Inverter Power: 8Kw – EneSure systems installed in two locations at the mission hospital

Battery Bank: 200ah at 48Vdc – (Exide Solar)

Operational Parameters: In SolidarMed’s continued mission and commitment to bring better health facilities to Africa, we installed these systems to bring cleaner consistent power to the administration block as well as the Nurses Training centre at Silveira’s Mission Hospital. The systems at a total 8Kw output AC power, have been designed to power all the computers , projectors lights and small fridges at the mission hospital. This is in addition to the system we installed over 14 months ago to power the laboratory.