8.25Kw Solar Mains Power – Office Block

Location: Harare, Zimbabwe

Client: Local NGO

Solar Array: 8.25Kw

Inverter: 2 x 5Kva Voltronic-EneSure Hybrid HV (80amp MPPT) Parallel operation

Battery Bank: 800ah at 48vdc – Narada AGM

Operational Parameters: The system is wired to power an alternative circuit of plug points in all the offices as well as all the lights at the complex. Each plug point is limited to 200 watts each to avoid unnecessary overloading.

The system provides power to the entire office block, powering laptops, desktop computers and a main printer. The system will be upgraded to cater for more office equipment as time progresses.

With an 800Ah battery bank, the system is capable of 1 days of autonomy with an optional automatic generator function installed to automate the running of the 30kva generator that is present..

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