Farm Solar Power System

Location: Chegutu, Zimbabwe

Client: JIRI Farm

Solar Array: 2Kw RISEN Solar modules

Inverter: 3Kva Voltronic-EneSure Hybrid

Battery Bank: 200ah at 48vdc – NARADA AGM

Operational Parameters: JIRI Farm is an export orientated organic farm whose main business is the production of organic produce from Vegetables to Beef. The farm is based on sustainable farming methods and one of these is sustainable power.

To this end Clamore Solar is taking the journey with the farmer to achieve total off-grid power, starting with a 2Kw system that drives the main borehole and provides power to what is the farms main office.

The farm has 4 sited boreholes that shall all run off solar power in the near future as well as a service station and fishery.

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