Clamore Solar was of the first companies to install evacuated tube type solar geyser over a decade ago. It is our extensive experience with these types of solar geysers that has seen us install hundred of these units all over Zimbabwe.

These units are ideal for low to moderately high temperature environments such as Zimbabwe’s major cities. We would advise the use of the flat plate type of geyser for the lower lying areas such as the lowveld or the Zambezi regions of Kariba, Binga, Nyaminyami and Mbire districts.

When correctly sized and installed, our solar geysers offer “very cheap” hot water, and if you are converting from an electrical unit to solar, you can enjoy as much as 60% savings.

We are currently a preferred installer of Electrosales solar geysers, also offering after installation services within their 10 year warranty, that allow your geysers to operate trouble free for years and years.

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