SOLAR COOKER – Cook with the sun and save BIG !!


The Muz-Sol solar cooker is capable of cooking power in excess of 2,000 watts and temperatures as high as 1200 degrees Celsius. The solar cooker cooks directly from the sun and will boil water and cook under direct sunlight. The Muz-Sol Solar Cooker is perfect for cooking those tough foods that require a lot of cooking time such as beans, cow heals, tough meats etc. It has a wide use beyond these including but not limited to boiling water and steamed bread, boiled rice, porridge, stewed meat and many more.


  • Smokeless No burning of coal, LP Gas, or firewood
  • Will reduce your use of electricity, and subsequently you bill
  • A wide range of recipes can be used even Sadza
  • No open fire so no fire hazard
  • Very portable so it can be easily stored and cleaned