120Kw Factory Mains Power Backup


Location: Workington, Harare, Zimbabwe

Client: Tobacco Company

Solar Array: 100Kw (installed)

Inverters: 5 x Pelican 24Kw 3-Phase Direct-Inline

Battery Bank: 400ah at 576vdc – PELICAN Tubular – Flooded

Operational Parameters: This Tobacco processing company has installed a combined 120Kw inverter system to provide backup power to multiple areas of the vast factory in the event of a power failure.

The factory roof already has a 100Kw solar array installed providing daytime power via 2 x solar inverters. The new 120Kw system with over 400 x 200Ah tubular batterys will provide back power if required at night.

Major consumers of the power will be lighting along with critical production and safety systems.

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