3Kw Solar Mains Hybrid Power


Location: Harare, Zimbabwe

Client: BRAESIDE – Private Residence

Solar Array: 3Kw RISEN Solar modules

Inverter: 5Kva Voltronic-EneSure Hybrid

Battery Bank: 400ah at 48vdc – Narada AGM

Operational Parameters: This property to the East of Harare runs at around 80% off-grid utilising mains power only for cooking, baking, ironing cloths and dish washing.

The client requested a slow build and the system started off as a simple mains backup system with a 5Kva inverter at its core and 4 simple flooded batterys.

The system is now at the target power range at 3kw array and 400ah (9.6Kwh effective power) battery bank. From this the client runs their fridge and freezer, microwave oven, hot water kettle, booster and borehole pump along with a washing machine twice per week.

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