Solar Powered Egg Incubators


Location: Mbire, Kariba and Binga Districts, Zimbabwe

Client: Local NGO

Solar Array: 1Kw RISEN Solar modules (each)

Inverter: 1.2Kva MUST Hybrid inverters

Battery Bank: 400ah at 12vdc – NARADA AGM

Operational Parameters: Over the course of 2018 we have designed and installed solar powered incubators for a local branch of an international NGO in Zimbabwe, under their resilience building program.

The incubators are designed to incubate 500 eggs at a time (21 day period). These form the first part of the NGO’s poultry production efforts. The hope is that the communities will eventually grow to acquire more incubators and so on.

In total 9 (nine) units have been installed under this programme in this first pilot phase that should see more units going into other areas in the near future.

The incubators are powered by a 1Kw solar power system with a 400Ah battery bank. Housed in naturally temperature managed rooms, the power consumption is kept at a sustainable level.

Clamore Solar further provided training to the farmers so as to empower them in the use and maintenance of this new important resource.

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